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LX Productions along with A Legendary Brand presents “Famed” The Fashion Show

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May 2017
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Birmingham, AL- This past month  on February 17th, 2017 Xay Renzo, CEO, of LX Productions LLC, presented another fashion show. This would be his fifth show he has produced since the first one, that took place on his 17th birthday.  Click Here to see pictures from previous show. Renzo is consider a Fashion Guru in Birmingham. He has plans to take his fashion empire not only to the next level— with the release of his clothing line, A Legendary Brand— But also to the next state. Xay mention that he is planning to spread his talents in Atlanta, GA.

Yuseef Speaks

“Allow me to start by saying I wish you, Xay, nothing but the best! I attend the fashion show this year, yet again amazed upon arrive. As I approached the very crowed BJCC, a picture of Xay appeared on the jumbotron outside the arena. When I made it to will-call, it was Press Passes for my team and I and we was escorted to our designated area. The back stage was fill with action.  A hustle sprit humbled throughout the place. It was a great environment of young motivated millennials in front and behind the stage. All and all the event was a very great turnout.”

Check out mote pictures and videos below!



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