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PreppyOwl ‘s #CancerBash

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June 2017
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BIRMINGHAM, AL—- Over the weekend the Preppy Owl Entertainment  kicked off DSC06511Cancer Season (Jun 21 – Jul 23) with what could be one of their most controversial events ever. The event was highly anticipated due to the return of formal show host, now actor Adonis BUCK Envy. People from cites all over state like Montgomery, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, and quite a few out of towners (ATL) came out to support and turn up! Everyone was enjoying themselves, drinks was flowing, and the dance floor LIT when the unexpected happen. As I said before, the P.O.E team has always been about the grown and sexy DSC06493appeal, so it came by a total surprise when a fight among patrons and with a security guard broke out. Since debuting in 2012, Preppy Owl has hosted tons of events and parties never encountering a brawl or shutting down an event nonetheless.

Many took to social media discussing the fight but also expressing how much they enjoyed themselves. Overall the event was a great turnout.

Preppy Owl Entertainment made a statement about fighting at future events and how it will be handled going forward. In the online post they explained, “We rarely have any fights (as in never) but on occasion we do! There are now NEW rules in place! Fighting will not be tolerated! If you swing at a Preppy Owl Event you won’t be at anymore! SomeDSC06497 stuff you have to grow up and grow out of! Adults pay a cover and spend money at the bar to have a good time not Fight! We as a community have to learn how to settle disputes like civilized people! Its imperative to our growth.”

Even the person that seem to be at the center of most of the drama happening that night, Jamichael Havis, had a few things to say online. He did issue an apology to Preppy Owl Ent, on behave of his behavior.  He stated, “let me send apologies for us as a total,(meaning his entire crew) Because my actions led to others actions! There was a lot going on in the DSC06549situation.”  Havis, found himself in a disrupt with another patron at the event and when security tried to intervene on the situation, people from his camp started a fight the on-duty guard.  Jamichael said, “As far as security goes, it’s certain ways of handling everything but like I said earlier my actions sparked things and they did escalate ! But we Will NOT HAVE THESE ISSUES AGAIN.”


From some very reliable sources Preppy Owl already has plans underway for a #Part2 of The #CancerBash… Stay Tune for who will be hosting!

Catch True Tea -#JmikeHere

Check Out some more post about the event below.

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