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June 2018
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BIRMINGHAM, AL—- Over the weekend the Preppy Owl Entertainment  kicked off DSC06511Cancer Season (Jun 21 – Jul 23) with what could be one of their most controversial events ever. The event was highly anticipated due to the return of formal show host, now actor Adonis BUCK Envy. People from cites all over state like Montgomery, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, and quite a few out of towners (ATL) came out to support and turn up! Everyone was enjoying themselves, drinks was flowing, and the dance floor LIT when the unexpected happen. As I said before, the P.O.E team has always been about the grown and sexy DSC06493appeal, so it came by a total surprise when a fight among patrons and with a security guard broke out. Since debuting in 2012, Preppy Owl has hosted tons of events and parties never encountering a brawl or shutting down an event nonetheless.

Many took to social media discussing the fight but also expressing how much they enjoyed themselves. Overall the event was a great turnout.

Preppy Owl Entertainment made a statement about fighting at future events and how it will be handled going forward. In the online post they explained, “We rarely have any fights (as in never) but on occasion we do! There are now NEW rules in place! Fighting will not be tolerated! If you swing at a Preppy Owl Event you won’t be at anymore! SomeDSC06497 stuff you have to grow up and grow out of! Adults pay a cover and spend money at the bar to have a good time not Fight! We as a community have to learn how to settle disputes like civilized people! Its imperative to our growth.”

Even the person that seem to be at the center of most of the drama happening that night, Jamichael Havis, had a few things to say online. He did issue an apology to Preppy Owl Ent, on behave of his behavior.  He stated, “let me send apologies for us as a total,(meaning his entire crew) Because my actions led to others actions! There was a lot going on in the DSC06549situation.”  Havis, found himself in a disrupt with another patron at the event and when security tried to intervene on the situation, people from his camp started a fight the on-duty guard.  Jamichael said, “As far as security goes, it’s certain ways of handling everything but like I said earlier my actions sparked things and they did escalate ! But we Will NOT HAVE THESE ISSUES AGAIN.”


From some very reliable sources Preppy Owl already has plans underway for a #Part2 of The #CancerBash… Stay Tune for who will be hosting!

Catch True Tea -#JmikeHere

Check Out some more post about the event below.

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iammedia logoTHIS JUST IN— Birmingham, AL Premiere Urban LGBTQ  Event Promoters, Preppy Owl Ent., has recently partnered with self-proclaim media guru Maliek Yuseef of I Am Media Productions.  You can expect to now see Maliek and the I AM Media Team at all future events that are hosted by Preppy Owl.


Preppy Owl Ent. has been responsible for hosting some of the hottest parties to hit the 16830677_222470191554529_4207124726867267289_nmetro Birmingham area. They built their brand off of the grown and sexy appeal that has manged to keep party-goers coming. Preppy Owl’s debut was in 2012 during the historic Magic City Classic Weekend. Starting out initially with four partners, 2 from Atlanta and 2 from Birmingham, the group made an executive decision to put their main focus towards the Birmingham area. Even with outside promotional groups in the area like Hypeman Antman, ScorpionKing Productions, and even MrSexInTheCITY ; P.O.E has proven to stand the test of time.



19275113_10155526785102664_7212622189325192303_nThis weekend Friday June 23, 2017 Preppy Owl Ent will be kicking off #CANCERSeason with one of the City’s Beloved, formal show host and event promoter, Adonis Envy better known as BUCK. Since his move to Atlanta exactly two years ago, Adonis has been very busy expanding his brand. The formal promoter turn actor can now be seen across the worldwide web in  famous web series like Fallacies, Living For the Weekend, Real Eyes Realize Real Lies, and the all new LIT. During his transition to Georgia Envy ran into an old dance partner and friend Corey Knott, landing his first acting role. Knott is producer, writer, and founder of HD Productions.

Be sure to come get Litty with Buck, the #PreppyNightOwls, and of course #iAMMEDIA  at The Spot located at  4438 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd North Birmingham, Al.

For more information to party with Preppy Owl Ent. Contact

Stay tuned for all of the MAGIC  happening in & around the City!!!!

Check Out Some Of these Pictures and Videos from past Preppy Owl Events Below.

Birmingham– This past week(June 2nd- June 11th) Alabama celebrated Gay Pride in Birmingham. Central Alabama Pride, Inc. (CAP) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization committed to spreading the message of equality each year with the production of LGBT Pride events which also brings together all Alabama citizens. They also support HIV/AIDS service organizations throughout the year such as Birmingham AIDS Outreach, AIDS Alabama and the 1917 Clinic Patient Assistance Fund.

Although I didn’t get to attend all the pride events the support was in the air throughout the city and all over social media. I was able to attend the 39th Annual Pride Parade that took place Saturday evening.  It was tons of organizations and people that was represented in the parade like Aids Alabama, State Rep. Patricia Todd, Birmingham AIDS Outreach, Mayoral Candidate Randall Woodfin, Steel City Men’s Courus, Brighton Mayor Brandon Dean, and so many more. The Hub: Birmingham hosted a after parade event that attracted many of the parade goers with drinks, food, and games. The Hub is a welcoming, comfortable space for young gay, bisexual and Trans men. I was happy to see so much of the urban community in attendance, being that CAP Board didn’t any Africans Americas present this year.

DSCF6025Local party promoters PreppyOwl Ent and ScorpionKing Productions took over the night life Saturday. They hosted a event at Club Reflections, with tons of special guest. A  few cast-mates of the all new web series LIT was in the building like the infamous Rico Pruitt, Gorgious Montana, Javontaee Brownlee, and producer Corey Knott. The self proclaim Xaddy himself, Vixen Corvinus, International Exotic entertainer also was in the building.

My hopes is to see this event grow and expand for the future. Check out some pictures and videos from the weekend below.


Check Out More Pictures CLICK HERE #IAMMEDIA



Birmingham, AL- This past month  on February 17th, 2017 Xay Renzo, CEO, of LX Productions LLC, presented another fashion show. This would be his fifth show he has produced since the first one, that took place on his 17th birthday.  Click Here to see pictures from previous show. Renzo is consider a Fashion Guru in Birmingham. He has plans to take his fashion empire not only to the next level— with the release of his clothing line, A Legendary Brand— But also to the next state. Xay mention that he is planning to spread his talents in Atlanta, GA.

Yuseef Speaks

“Allow me to start by saying I wish you, Xay, nothing but the best! I attend the fashion show this year, yet again amazed upon arrive. As I approached the very crowed BJCC, a picture of Xay appeared on the jumbotron outside the arena. When I made it to will-call, it was Press Passes for my team and I and we was escorted to our designated area. The back stage was fill with action.  A hustle sprit humbled throughout the place. It was a great environment of young motivated millennials in front and behind the stage. All and all the event was a very great turnout.”

Check out mote pictures and videos below!





Hypman Antman, Anthony Curry, is CEO of Hypeman Antman Events. The prominent  Atlanta MC has over 17k followers on Facebook & 22.3k followers on Instagram (@hypemanantman) and has also been recognize for ATL Club Promoter of The Year in 2014. The young socialite is originally from Miami, Fl and now is residing in Birmingham, AL. Image result for hypeman antman

His most current project, #MeatUpThursday, is providing a fun, cool, and sexy environment where you can come let your hair down or kickback before the weekend starts. Taking place  every second and fourth Thursday at Compound 21, B.K.A ( El Centenario Night Club) in Birmingham. This event has already attracted people from surrounding cities like Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, Huntsville, Anniston, and Atlanta. Hypman Antman hopes to provide an ultimate nightlife experience for the Urban LGBT+ community here in the Magic City that is offered in other  metropolitan areas like D.C., New Orleans, and Atlanta.

Stay up on the latest with the Turn Up King  himself at the following links and also check out the pictures from previous #MeatUpThursdays.


TEXT HYPEMAN To 545454 FOR FREE VIP ENTRY (404) 599 8282

facebook_badge Facebook:

twitter-followers Twitter:

Image result for instagramInstagram:

subscribe-png-6 Youtube:

Let’s MEAT UP Thursday w/ Hypman Antman

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A great young man once said “CLASSIC Weekend in Birmingham is like a National Holiday” , that young man was your truly. The infamous “Magic City Classic Weekend” is back again. Schools Closed, People take off of work, and Out- of- Towners flood the city for one weekend of Pro-Blackness!

For those of you who may have been living under a rock for the last 75 years are so, #MCC is a football game between two of the largest HBCU’s in the state of Alabama. Representing  the North, Alabama A&M University #AAMU and Alabama State University #ASU, representing the South met in the Historical City of Birmingham, Al to battle it out. Over the years the hype for the weekend has built tremendously and has really turned into a huge festival with parades, tailgating, and some of the biggest parties and events of the year.

The weekend is like a Walking Fashion show. For our Urban LBGT community I think it would be safe to say that this would really be “Magic City ‘BLACK PRIDE’ Classic” Weekend! Here are a few Tips Going into the weekend & a full itinerary for the Hottest Events Going Down!

Seven Tips to Make Sure Your #MCC16 is LIT

(1)Coins– Make sure you have enough money to participate in the weekend. For the clubs will be specialty priced for the weekend and it’s going to be plenty of events to choose from. If your Coinz is not right Please Stay at home. No Coinz, No Classic!!

(2)Hygiene– You’re going want to make sure that you are on top of your personal hygiene during the course of the entire weekend. It’s going to be tons random people trying to holler at you and ask for directions, Do us all a favor and Brush your Teeth. It’s going to be people every where, so all unnecessary odors will be appreciated. Also if you plan on having sex anytime thoughout the weekend you’re gonna want to make sure that- personal hygiene is taken car of too! Word to the Wise: “If you Stay ready, You never have to get Ready.”

(3) Appearance, Wardrobe, & Dress Code- Magic City Classic weekend is what New York Fashion Week is to the Fashion Forward its what Atlanta Black Pride is to the Gays! Needless to say You’re Look is a Big Deal. Slay at All times basically. You will need different outfits for each event you are planning to attend especially if they are during different timeframes of the day. For example If you attend the Parade and plan on attending the game or tailgating it’s perfectly fine not to change in between. Just make sure Tip (2) is followed upon leaving out that morning. However if you are attending the Morning  Radio Shows and the Parade you definitely want to have another outfit for the field. Please do not wear the same outfit from the game/tailgating to the club. That saids a few things like maybe you should refer back to Tip (1) & (2). Everyone has seen your “Get Notice” outfit All day, we don’t need to see it all night. Be sure to check the weather and dress accordingly, the only person that looks like a fool dressed for 90 degree weather in, moderate 40 to 50 degree weather is YOU!

(4)Buddy System– Make sure you use the “Buddy System”, it’s going to be a ton of people everywhere you go this weekend, Traveling in pairs is always a safe idea. Even for my #teamiphone users, sharing your location with your friends is a good idea.What ever you do just have at least one person that you let know your whereabouts thought-out the weekend.

(5)Download Uber-  With there being so many people in the city the traffic is bound to get a little crazy. Uber gives you the convenience of not having to drive through all the crazy. If you are planning to be LIT like mostly everyone that will be out and about this weekend, Uber can come in handy for those drunken nights. It will also be a LOT of events going on the entire weekend and who said you can’t be in two places at once, Instead of driving to one event after another just Hit one Club and Uber to the next! Trust me its’s a app that will definitely come in handy. Visit for more Information.

(6)Drinks & Drugs– Its going to be a lot of drinking going on and its going to be pretty hard to avoid. Also some people take this weekend as a opportunity to revisit old habits and hit a blunt or two or three. Regardless of your Recreational use, Be sure to Consume wisely. Don’t Drink or Do drugs Unless with Friends.

(7)Be Safe– Going into this weekend, I want everyone to remain safe as possible in all aspects. Carry some pepper spray, or taser if need be. Also a portable charger is something great to have  on the go throughout the weekend, trust me no one wants a dead phone. Also make sure you have enough condoms and lube to last the entire weekend. Feel free to visit for more help.


Weekend Itinerary

THURSDAY NIGHT October 27, 2016

Offical Kick Off Event
11PM-5AM @ (COMPOUND 21) – 1118 3RD AVE W. BIRMINGHAM, AL 35204|

T E X T – H Y P E M A N – 545454

Host Included Hypeman Antman, Zoey Fitzgerald, Knockout, & Kidd


FRIDAY  NIGHT October 28, 2016

Magic City Classic Live Broadcast

Time: 5:00am to 10:00am |Venue:BJCC |Address:2100 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd N,, Birmingham, Alabama, 35203—— Join the entire Rickey Smiley Morning Show for their Annual Magic City Classic Broadcast going down Friday, October 28th at the BJCC Concert Hall!  Guest appearances by Dae Dae, YFN Lucci, The Little Women Of Atlanta and Love & Hip Hop’s own Mama Dee!  Get there early to reserve your seats!  Doors open at 4:00am, Show starts at 5:00am!  Prizes and ticket giveaways to early birds.

7-11PM @ (Raymond House) The Infamous Classic HOUSE PARTY (COSTUMES WELCOMED)

Image result for HOUSE PARTY

INBOX Raymond Billingsley For the ADDRESS and more details.

11PM- UNTIL @ ( THE HIGH NOTE ) Magic City Classic Ball/ Costume Party | 414 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd S, Birmingham, AL

 For More Details See Raymond Billingsley


1000 3RD AVE W. BIRMINGHAM, AL 35204-

— INDOOR & OUTDOOR — See Hypeman Antman For More Details! Click Link —->>>>>

Image result for after hours


Saturday October 29, 2016

8:00AM —- McDonald’s Magic City Classic Parade Featuring Ludacris and Yung Joc – Downtown Birmingham

Kick off gameday with 100,000 of your closest friends and witness one of the best parades in the nation. Over 30 high school bands will be participating. Broadcast LIVE by WBRC Fox6 and aired statewide.

10:00 AM – 3:00 PM—–  Coors Light Pre-Game Tailgate Party and Sponsor Village – Legion Field (West Side)

Get your gameday party started at the Coors Light Pre-Game Tailgate Party. Sponsors will be handing out all kinds of swag and multiple stages and DJ’s including DJ Tracy Steel, Kenny Burns and D-Nice will perform.   See why you should stop by and visit some of our sponsors!

10:00 AM – 3:00 PM—– Ford Tailgate Takeover – Legion Field (East Side)

12:00 PM—- Yung Joc Performance & Live Music from Fresh The DJ & DJ Trouble – Legion Field (McDonald’s Sound Stage in the Coors Light Tailgate Area)

3:00 PM—- 75th Annual McDonald’s Magic City Classic broadcast live on ESPN3- Legion Field

Will your alma mater earn the bragging rights this year? Come show your support as they battle it out on the gridiron.

Click here to purchase your tickets in advance. Clear bag policy strictly enforced.

4PM-(Time has Changed) Magic City Classic Jsette Competition @ “Compound 21″| 1118 3rd Ave W, Birmingham, AL 35204| Doors open @4 Event starts @5| CASH PRIZE & TROPHY Registration: $15
Admission: $10 Come witness some of the best Jsette teams near and far! Come support ur city #Birmingham #Mobile #Atlanta #Memphis #Savannah #Jackson#Augusta #Nashville

Please  see Lorenz Diliago for more Details

Event Page

@ (COMPOUND 21) 1118 3RD AVE W. BIRMINGHAM, AL 35204 —

T E X T – H Y P E M A N – 545454

See Hypeman Antman For More Details! Click Link —->>>>>

Image result for DAY PARTY

7-10PM MEET & GREET WITH ARIANE & MIMI of Love & Hip Hop: ATL @ THE HUB: Birmingham  |2217 6th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233| 205-703-4199—Call or stop by for details!!!



For More Details See Raymond Billingsley




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